Release Date: 2014-02-04
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This song is dedicated young black america.

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Verse 1

Young black and full of fire
trying to get it you and I
feed the streets
so she can eat
when they ask you who am I
provider provider
Deep inside that groupie eye she don’t really love a n****
she just know that two can ride
And Shine like me
That a be suicide
For a young black man
Loyalty is unified
Me and you
You and I
True enough I’m true to mine
you do enough you doing fine n****

Deep inside them Golden lines Golden lines
Letters of my life I just spoke it out spoke it out
Money is the motive now motive now
When they see you up
They try and hold you down

Young black man deep inside them Golden lines

Verse 2

Young black man
Trying to find a way out
So he never take a day off
And he never spend a day out
Be around his kids
Gotta learn what they bout
Its more to this daddy s***
Than putting food in they mouth ugh
Deep inside these Golden lines
You can see my life and how I hold it down
She looking at my pictures see me showing out
She hitting up my phone like she owe me now

Young black man
Know how to play the dumb role
He know she just want to f***
He know what she come for
He know what she come from
Hit her with that long stroke
Eat her up like tum tum
But he ain’t like them young folks
Ugh When you young black and motivated
I swear the system and these n***** try to throw you cases ugh
And everybody trying to throw you favors
Because they know that you gonna blow
And you gonna owe them later

Verse 3

Young black man
They gonna say you can’t do it
And if you still trying then they can’t prove it
Young black man
Always try to be a leader
Ain’t no future when you follow unless you got a reason

Young black man listen to me young black man
Young black man listen to me young black man
Ugh If he ain’t come around when you twist the noodles
Then he probably ain’t busting when you get to shooting
He ain’t relevant if he ain’t checking in
So when the checks come in check’em when he stepping in
I swear your family do you worse than friends
Keep your enemies close because your friends will do you worse than them
Yea When you speaking do yo n***** listen
By the end of the song you gon’ see have of your n***** different


Young black man
By the end of this record I want you to know how it feels to be young black
And free free from all the negative all the bull s*** n***** that’s around you
You know what I’m saying free yourself free your mind close your eyes and dream you’ll go as far as your eyes can see lil n**** don’t let the world hold you down don’t hold yourself down you ain’t motivated find some motivation build your confidence don’t let them kill your confidence young black man yeah