Golden Muziq – American rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer. Born John Hall on July 25, 1984, Golden Muziq, is the epitome of PERSEVERANCE!  Golden was born in a small town (Kinston [K-town], North Carolina), where poverty and disparities shape the future of many minority youth.  He and his older brother were raised by their mother.  He had very little if no support from his father, growing up as a young man.  

Golden has always been glamoured by music.  At a very young age, Golden recognized that music was a universal language, and that music is what feelings sound like.  Thanks to his mother and older family members, he was christened at a young age by some of the great music of the 60s, 70s, & 80s.  When he was intimately introduced to Hip-hop/R&B, it was a declaration on who & what he would set out to be.  

“I often trained my vocals without realizing it when I would start singing and rapping to the music I enjoyed listening to the most. My personal influences are artists such as: Michael Jackson, Immature, Usher, R Kelly, Jodeci, Shai, Dre, Snoop, Biggie, Tupac, Nas, DMX, Jay-Z, Da Brat, Wu Tang, and even The Backstreet Boys, as well as many more.”

Golden didn’t walk the brightest of paths growing up as young black man (YBM) in K-town.  Being known as a kid full of energy and generally a class clown, there were times where the “Golden-child” was misunderstood.  He and his brother were the mischievous “Hall Boyz” in their neighborhood. They were doing everything from playing sports, fighting, skipping school, stealing, to hanging with the older fellas smoking weed.  

“We were off the chain!”

When he was in 7th grade, after a misinterpreted physical altercation with a teacher, he was sent to an alternative school for troubled youth.  This was just one of a few times when Golden was let down by the school system.  Around this same time, Golden’s infatuation for rapping and singing was thriving.  

“One of my most memorable & life changing days in my life was the day I was at a family function goofing around doing me as usual, and out of nowhere my mother shouted out to me from across the living room…  John If you stop playing around so much you would actually sound good!  

Golden realized that this was a talent he possessed, and began to take it more seriously.  He and close friend, Ice Medallion (Melvin Jones), began writing, rapping, and singing as a group.  Local beat maker turned longtime friend*****, Armstrong beatz (Tim Arnold) saw the potential in the two, and set them on their way to record…MORE …and MORE.  They began working together and began to develop their respected crafts.

“This was the second music studio encounter for us, and to say the least, Tim fell in love with the talent we both, as 16 year olds, demonstrated from the day he met us. We spent hours, days, and weeks in the studio, it helped us get to know each other better and also know ourselves better when it came to our craft!”

By the time Golden got to high school, feeling like he didn’t get a fair shake, he made an attempt to transfer out of the alternative school. He attempted to enroll in a local high school that was close to home and where some friends attended, but he was denied. That denial combined with being a rambunctious teen, Golden dropped out of school in the 10th grade.  He became a teen parent and a high school dropout.  These are two statistical areas that were a norm in where he’s from.  Upon having a child, Golden had to develop a plan other than his dream of doing music.  He eventually enrolled into Job Corps.  After Job Corps, his dream for music was still ever present.

“Once in a while, I will feel that my lack of education decreases my confidence when it comes to my social and musical career. People are quick to judge, and a lot of people will always tell me to put what I’m doing on the back burner, the music industry is a difficult game to get in, don’t waste your time.”    

Life as an adult only gets more challenging.  Circumstances like living out of the studio (to avoid homelessness), joining poor teams, to being supported by people with hidden agendas, Golden still perseveres!  Chasing his dreams by living in places like Philadelphia, Florida, and Canada, Golden still perseveres!  Over the years, teaching himself to audio engineer just to be more independent (to streamline his recording and production process), and to become an ultimate entrepreneur by recording and engineering other artist, Golden still perseveres!  

“I literally spent hours on top of hours learning how to make my own music, and the music of others sound good! I feel that I am now not just a music lover who has acquired an addiction to the songwriting, performing, and learning aspects, or someone who does this as a hobby. I am now an evolved songwriter & performer with a passion for singing, rapping, songwriting, engineering, and producing for myself, and others. I really just can’t get enough.”

Golden Muziq’s persistence has not faltered.  Despite the accomplishments or the setbacks, he is locked in on his definite major purpose!  This Hip-hop/R&B talent, now a Raleigh NC native, juggles the proverbial bowling pins of: being a father of two, an entrepreneur, all while remaining determined to enhance his skills and further his career.